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The Community Planning Partnership has the lead role in delivering the Local Outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP). The LOIP is the overarching strategy, setting out the strategic objectives for Perth and Kinross which all Community Planning Partnership members are working towards. Each of the partners are represented on the Board, which meets regularly during the year to discuss progress and review actions.
06 September 2013 - onwards

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PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Councillor John Duff Member 25/05/2022 - current
Scottish National Party
Councillor Grant Laing Member 25/05/2022 - current
Provost Xander McDade Member 25/05/2022 - current


Officer NameOfficer RoleOfficer Membership Dates
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Graham Binnie Member 19/05/2022 - current
Margaret Cook Member 12/02/2018 - current
Malcolm Cowie Member 18/10/2021 - current
Emma Fletcher Member 04/12/2020 - current
Thomas Glen Member 01/11/2021 - current
Paul Graham Chairman 17/02/2018 - current
Gordon MacDougall Member 06/09/2013 - current
Laura McMahon Member 19/05/2022 - current
Stephen Wood Member 05/04/2021 - current
Michael Wright Member 03/02/2020 - current
Danny Williams

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