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Perth and Kinross Council
3 Oct 2018 - 13:00 to 17:00



Public Items
1 Welcome and Apologies
2 Declarations of Interest
3 Notice of Motions in terms of Standing Order 39
(i) Brexit Impact Assessment
  Motion by Councillors M Williamson and S Donaldson
Council instructs the Chief Executive to commission an impact assessment which will report on the likely impact of Brexit, either hard or with agreement of the EU, on Perth and Kinross communities and enterprise and submit this to the next full Council meeting.
(ii) Committee Structure
  Motion by Councillors X McDade and R Brock
  To merge the Housing & Communities Committee and Environment & Infrastructure Committee
  Following the successful merger of the former Housing & Community Safety and the former Environment Service into the new Housing and Environment Service, it seems appropriate to now realign the service committee remits in line with the new service responsibilities and have a single Housing & Environment Committee.
  The merger of these committees would save senior officer time in attending committees as well as bringing committee remits into line with current service responsibilities.
  Proposed Changes to Remits & Membership
  The remit for the new Housing & Environment Committee would be in line with the responsibilities of the new Housing & Environment Service.
  Responsibilities that have been transferred to the Education & Children's Service since the council reorganisation in April 2018 would be transferred to the remit of the Lifelong Learning Committee.
  Other matters that are currently within the remit of either Housing & Communities Committee or the Environment & Infrastructure Committee, but where the main responsibility for that remit lies with either Corporate & Democratic Services or the Health & Social Care Partnership the remit would be included in the remit of the Strategic Policy & Resources Committee.
  To provide membership parity across all service committees there would be 15 members of both the new Housing & Environment Committee and of the Lifelong Learning Committee.  The membership of the Strategic Policy & Resources Committee would remain the same.
  The motion asks that the Council approve the proposal outlined above and asks officers to update the Scheme of Administration accordingly.

4 Minutes
6 Audited Accounts 2017/18 and Annual Audit Report to the Members of Perth and Kinross Council and the Controller of Audit for Year Ended 31 March 2018
Report by Head of Finance (copy to follow)
Report by Head of Finance (copy herewith 18/326)
Report by Depute Chief Executive (copy herewith 18/322)
Report by Head of Democratic Services (copy herewith 18/328)
17 Amendments to Scheme of Administration/Standing Orders
The Council is asked to agree that with effect from 1 December 2018, references to the Head of Democratic Services in both the Scheme of Administration and the Standing Orders be amended to refer to the Head of Legal and Governance Services.
18 Membership of High Constables

At the AGM of the Society of High Constables of the City of Perth on 3 September 2018, the Society agreed to change the Society Regulations by removing the gender specific references from the criteria of Membership.


The Council is now required to approve the change and amend the Regulations.

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